About us

The agency was founded in 2000 and has over two decades of the impeccable experience in the property market. Our team consists of experienced agents who are fully committed to satisfying the requirements and wishes of both the vendor and the buyer as well as of potential buyers of all types of properties. We have at any time a portfolio of over one thousand different properties (building plots, agricultural land, houses, holiday houses, holiday flats and flats). We operate across Istria.
We work in close collaboration with legal experts in order to ensure that our operations are running in accordance with the positive legal regulations and that both the buyer and the vendor can proceed with the sale or purchase without particular concerns or stress. We guide you through the entire purchase and sale process, from viewing the property to conveyancing. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and therefore, we are proud to point out that a great percentage of our customers stay with us over the years. It is a confirmation that we are doing our job with integrity and professionalism, in the first place, because we like it, but also because we wish to make our customers satisfied and happy.
If you would like us to find a buyer for your property or if you would like us to find a property you have been searching for, we are here for you.
Turn to us with confidence that will not be undermined.

Basic information:
Name: Istradom agencija za promet nekretninama, vl. Jadranka Vukotić
Abbreviated name: Istradom, vl. Jadranka Vukotić
Headquarters: Zadarska 4, 52 100 Pula
OIB: 17042155301
Transaction accounts and bank names: Raiffeisen banka HR0724840081135064250
CEO: Jadranka Vukotić